Thomas Fuchs Creative and P&G: Giving Clean Water to the World, One Glass at a Time

Artisanal home goods company, Thomas Fuchs Creative, has partnered with P&G to launch a new line of drinkware to aid in the relief of the global water crisis. TFC Designer Thomas Fuchs and creative collaborator and Co-Owner Michou Mahtani are proud to introduce Foxware by TFC.

Foxware by TFC was inspired by the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water program, founded on the principal of bringing clean water to people all over the world. The cut glass pieces in the collection are made from recycled glass and are designed to echo the movement of the clean water the initiative represents.

A percentage of each set of glasses sold will go to the fund, seven dollars of which supplies clean drinking water to one child for one year. TFC is honored to contribute their aesthetic to an initiative with such integrity.

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